Autumn is an ideal time to visit Paris and enjoy its still very pleasant temperatures. As for the agenda, after a summer break, the City Of Light becomes the international capital of fashion, home to some of the oldest, most iconic, well respected fashion houses. 

A new elegance spills through the streets of Paris as femenine silhouettes get a contemporary edge with surface textures and delicious fabrics.

El otoño es la estación ideal para visitar Paris y disfrutar de su temperatura agradable. En cuanto a la agenda, después del verano, la Ciudad de las Luces se convierte en la capital internacional de la moda, hogar a algunas de las casa de moda más antiguas, icónicas y respetadas.

Las calles de Paris se inundan de una nueva elegancia cuando reciben un toque contemporáneo con texturas novedosas y telas maravillosas a las siluetas femeninas.


When we thought that we had already seen everything in jeans, now is the time to highlight the bottom edges of your jeans with some worn out detailing. In this occasion, denim dresses up to become the basis of a relaxed and sophisticated outlook.

Cuando pensábamos que ya lo habíamos visto todo en vaqueros, ahora es el momento de destacar la parte más bajo de tus vaqueros con un toque deshilachado. En esta ocasión, el denim se convierte en la base de cualquier look relajado y sofisticado a la vez.


The magic is in the mix. Add without fear different fabrics, disparate colors or contrasting prints all in the same look.

La magia se encuentra en la mezcla. Añade sin miedo prendas de diferentes texturas, colores contrastados o estampados dispares, todo en el mismo look.


Here we are with the photographer Mekki Kadiri, also a well known actor featured in the top viewed Spanish series called “El Principe”.

Aquí nos encontramos con el fotógrafo y actor de la serie El Príncipe, Mekki Kadiri. 


Production, Styling & Text: Sisko Akt
Photography: Mekki Kadiri
Assistant: Gema Forsstrom



People say a picture is worth a thousand words. And they’re right. The lighting, the setting, the make-up, the styling – all of these elements are taken into important consideration when producing a fashion editorial. But what about the nonverbal messages people send in photos?

La gente dice que una imagen vale más que mil palabras. Y tienen razón. La iluminación, el entorno, el maquillaje, el peinado – todos estos elementos se tienen en importante consideración cuando se produce una editorial de moda. Pero ¿qué pasa con los mensajes no verbales que las personas envían en las fotos?


‘Strike a pose’ is a very common expression in fashion, referring to the idea of posing in front of the objective of a photographer. However, posing is not something we find just in fashion editorials; it is a sort of acting, performed by people in many portraits and even day to day photographs. These photographs have the capability to convey information about the complex and ever-changing relationship between people and their style, identity, mood and culture. Therefore, every photograph tells a particular story. It freezes a moment and allows us to observe the small details. Small details like the length of a skirt, the fit of a jacket, a facial expression or subtle body language are the hints to read between the lines and build a deeper and fascinating understanding of the story behind a single photograph.

‘Strike a pose’ es una expresión muy común en la moda, refiriéndose a la idea de posar delante del objetivo de un fotógrafo. Sin embargo, no es algo que encontramos solo en los editoriales de moda; es una especie de actuación, realizado por personas en muchos retratos e incluso en las fotografías del día a día. Estas fotografías tienen la capacidad de transmitir información acerca de la relación compleja y cambiante entre la persona y su estilo, la identidad, el estado de ánimo y la cultura. Por lo tanto, cada fotografía cuenta una historia en particular. Se congela un momento y nos permite observar los pequeños detalles. Pequeños detalles como la longitud de una falda, el tallaje de una chaqueta, una expresión facial o el sutil lenguaje corporal sutil son los secretos para leer entre líneas y construir una comprensión más profunda y fascinante de la historia detrás de una sola fotografía.


So, while body language is a complex science, we want to give you a few general rules in photography that you can use to give you an added edge. Let us show you how!

Por lo tanto, aunque el lenguaje corporal es una ciencia compleja, queremos darte algunas reglas generales en la fotografía que se pueden utilizar para darte una ventaja añadida. ¡Permítenos mostrarte cómo!


“Push your chin forward and down when facing directly towards the camera, as the jawline will be extended and stronger lines like cheekbones will be formed. Another trick is to open your mouth slightly. With the mouth completely closed, the jawline clenches and it can give a boring, neutral look to an image.”

“Empuja la barbilla hacia delante y hacia abajo cuando estés directamente enfrente de la cámara, ya que la línea de la mandíbula se ampliará y se marcarán líneas más fuertes como los pómulos. Otro truco es abrir la boca ligeramente. Con la boca completamente cerrada, la mandíbula se tensa y puede dar un aspecto aburrido o neutral a una imagen.”

Stay tuned for more tips about how to pose in front of the camera like a pro!
Muy pronto, más tips sobre cómo posar delante de las cámaras como una profesional!

Photography: Jose Serrano
MUAH Andrea: Jorge Sanchez
MUAH Dominique: Jorge Fortes



Bonjour mon amour!

The sun arises to light up the beautiful streets of this magical city and gift us with a wonderful day ahead!

Although the days are warm, early mornings are chilly, so we find a perfect excuse to layer on top of Andrea’s dress an edgy black mesh maxi-dress, designed by a good friend who goes by the name HONEY. We love supporting upcoming talented designers!


 The great thing about layering is that as the day unfolds, you can change up your look. We’re sporting clothes that show off sun kissed legs, while playing with different lengths, V-necks and breezy materials in contrasting colors.

A walk through the Champs-Élysées, or as parisians call it, la plus belle avenue du monde, is a dream for anyone in love with fashion!

Storefronts are exhibitions of art, where bags and shoes are minimalistic elements, “the less, the better”, and an enormous importance is given to the detail of what is happening around them: colors, shapes, and emotions evoked.


As the sun goes down, we approach the grand Arch de Triomphe, and we admire the beautiful colors reflected in the sky behind this historic monument that honors those who defended France in the Napoleonic Wars.

To end this day full of work and walks, we meet up with friend designers to enjoy dinner, drinks, good conversations and laughter, before choosing to walk back to the hotel, just to admire the beauty of the parisian architecture and lifestyle.

This is the city where majestic trees abound in every street, coffee shops are found on every corner, artists expose their street paintings worthy of being in a museum, every silent corner is a chance for a couple to sneak a romantic kiss, and standing crowded in a train next to complete strangers is an opportunity to admire the sound of
the language of love…



Black dress: H&M
Camel fringed vest: Stradivarius
Sandals: Zara
Handbag: Kate Spade New York
Necklace: Vintage
Gold sunglasses: Richard Nicoll x Ksubi


Shorts: Zara
Top: Mango
Blue overall: Mango
Tie-up sandals: Mango
Handbag: Kate Spade New York
Bracelet: Vintage
Necklace: Mango
Belt: Vintage
Sunglasses: Michael Kors



Arrival at the airport at 6:30pm, and a heat wave hitting Paris just this weekend is making us feel so lucky to have come to work to this beautiful city! We’re feeling light and breezy wearing loose fitting trousers, but revealing enough skin to feel the warm breeze on our shoulders and face.

We found a quirky French restaurant, filled with locals enjoying some typical fromage salads, cold bières and irresistible desserts.

After that, a dream stroll by the river Sena, the night buzzing with people from all kinds of nationalities, to arrive in the ever so gorgeous Eiffel Tower, lit up with lights that for a moment make you forget about all your daily worries, and in return, make you believe
you are living a true dream…


Top: H&M
Trousers: Vila (L.Y.S.)
Trainers: Nike
Necklace: Accessorize
Gold Sunglasses: Richard Nicoll x Ksubi
Handbag: Kate Spade New York


Top: Topshop
Trousers: GAP
Trainers: Tommy Hilfiger
Necklace: Mango
Sunglasses: Vintage
Rings: Mango
Handbag: Mango